By becoming Corporate Members of IHES, healthcare suppliers are poised to learn from leading healthcare executives, in both formal and informal settings. Corporate Members dialogue openly with Executive Members in private focus group panels wherein both parties benefit from mutual education and collegial feedback. Panel agendas are directed by suppliers in order to ensure they receive the most beneficial advice and guidance from the seasoned Executive Members of IHES. By becoming an IHES Corporate Member, your company will receive these benefits:

  • Two private panels composed of multiple IHES members
  • Two cocktail receptions at each session with all IHES members
  • One banquet dinner at each session with all IHES Executive and Corporate Members
  • Opportunities for your company’s executives to network with all attending members

IHES is best prepared to serve companies that fall into one of the following categories:

  • Surgical/Medical Supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Insurance companies
  • Laboratory equipment and products
  • Accounting and consulting firms
  • Diagnostic imaging products
  • Dietary and food product and services
  • Capital equipment and related services
  • Security and background companies
  • Architectural and construction firms
  • Medical staffing and recruitment firms
  • Information technology and hardware

In order to ensure a valuable experience for our suppliers, IHES limits our number of Corporate Members. Please contact us to learn more about joining IHES.

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